We are privileged to introduce ourselves as a duly incorporated Engineering Service Provider in Sri Lanka operating in the fields of Telecommunication Systems, Security Camera Systems, Video Camera supported Door Phone Systems, Public Address Systems (piped line music systems), Structured Cabling, Stereo FM Radio Transmitters and FM Antenna Systems since our incorporation on August 04, 1998.

Today, the Company holds the market leadership for the above category of products and services in Sri Lanka with an ever increasing demand from our new Customers who access our Customer Care Desk daily.

What binds our business together is our dynamic farsighted leadership. Our entrepreneurial spirit and thorough knowledge of the trade environment made it possible us to expand it from humble beginnings to a diversified and well organized Company that enjoys a strong position in the market with good prospects.

‘We create new values in everything we achieve and undertake.’
is our trade motto.


Our vision is to become the best and most trustworthy ICT Service Provider in Sri Lanka by year 2020.


Our mission is to capture 65 percent of the market share of the country by satisfying and providing our Customers with a dependable and quality par excellence service in their requirements of the said category of Electronic/ICT equipment with a strong commitment to social responsibility and CSR Projects of the country.

Why Call Lanka:

  1. - Call Lanka core competences are to provide world class services to the end users.
  2. - A team of skilled technicians and qualified engineers with hands on experience in the trade provide competitive and advantageous support to the end users.
  3. - Call Lanka purely focuses on qualitative products and services.
  4. - Call Lanka takes care of establishing mutual understanding and rapport with its clientele.
  5. - Call Lanka offers right solutions to the customers, which enable them to use all the state-of-the-art features of our products and services.