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Call lanka telecom (pvt) ltd began as a  electronic security  in 1998. Over the years, we have undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills, know-how and experiences in  creating and building  the  perfect technical  security solution . Call lanka telecom as it stands today is a professional electronic security system provider with modern management thinking, advanced technology, a committed work force, right connections and a positive risk taking attitude that sets it apart as a leader in its chosen fields of activities. 

About Call Lanka Telecom

Call Lanka telecom Pvt (Ltd) is a renowned electronic security system provider in Sri Lanka , with more than 22 years of competence in electronic security.

cctv camera

We have been providing cutting edge solutions and services for security and survelliances sector(cctv camera,pabx,pa etc.) from the most high-end products to holistic system design, consulting and custom engineering. We are always dedicated to improve the quality of our service which has created a innovative range of products under our own customization and quality confirmation . Our support services strand out from competition in term of strong backing from an experienced team of engineers and technicians .Our products are backed by Strong R& D and high tech laboratory facility and a self own ample stock for uninterruptable supply. We had offered  specially designed, state of the art integrated security solutions for the market segments like Hotels, Malls, Banking & Financial Institutions, Ports, Residential and Government institutions. Over this years, it is our passion and quest for excellence that has helped us grow by leaps and bounds, always setting new benchmarks and creating new standards for the market to follow. Underlying the success of our company is  the philosophy of Commitment to quality, service and reliability . We believes in ‘customer centric’ approach added with commitment to quality for its entire operation, thus group’s commitment to customer & quality is high