Private Automatic Branch Exchange

Private Automatic Branch Exchange System(PABX)

Private Automatic Branch Exchange

Call Lanka Telecom, in collaboration with its leading worldwide partners, offers a comprehensive variety of Private Automatic Branch Exchange (pabx) systems. We have experience combining various security solutions to meet the site’s needs. We provide solutions for all types of systems.

What is PABX ?

Private Automatic Branch Exchange is abbreviated as Private Automatic Branch Exchange. This is a telephone switching system that is used in businesses, offices, and other business establishments. The purpose of a PABX is to give a single phone number that can be used to reach numerous areas or divisions inside an organization’s facilities. That is, the PBX equipment is in charge of handling calls from the outside. Furthermore, the PABX is capable of handling, controlling, and switching internal calls without incurring any call expenses. Users benefit from having a single phone number to access several internal phone lines.

Private Automatic Branch Exchange

PABX Features

pabx Speed Dialing

If a user has a list of numbers that they call regularly, this may be set up to place calls using a shortcode or a list of short numbers. It will also help you remember frequently used numbers.

pabx Conference Call

This capability was included to cater to special events such as distant meetings and conferences. The conference call function allows users to interact with one another regardless of their physical location. This feature can cut down on meeting travel time as well as the need for a meeting location.

pabx Internal/External call barring

According to the customer’s needs, this system can be set to allow internal calls while restricting external calls, or to prohibit internal calls while allowing external calls. Normally, some systems in hotels, businesses, and hospitals are not authorized to receive calls from outside sources.

pabx Call Cut Off

The call will be disconnected once a certain amount of time has passed. This function will be beneficial to both government offices and hotels.

pabx Allowed Outside Calls

External outside calls with specified phone numbers can be made using a this system. This will be beneficial to security personnel.

pabx Call Billing Details

The system is capable of keeping track of all calls that travel through it. It will be beneficial for users to prepare billing information. Call numbers, duration, time, and date are the most critical factors to keep track of.


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