Public Address Systems

Public Address Systems

Public address systems

Call Lanka Telecom (pvt) Ltd,We provide Public address systems (PA systems sri lanka) that offer high clarity in voice and more effective and clear for the listeners. These systems are provided with amplifiers, speakers and microphones. Our range of PA systems finds application in public gatherings, seminars, meetings and presentations.


What is Public address(PA)

PA systems are commonly used in public settings when a human, speaker, artist, or other individual has to be clearly audible over a long distance so that the voice of the person utilizing the PA system may be heard by a big crowd. Sports stadiums, public transportation, live rock and music venues, and special events are all common sites where a PA system might be employed.

A public address system Sri Lanka (PA system Sri Lanka) is an audio electrical system that contains microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and other related audio equipment. Its purpose is to convert a human voice, a musical source, or any other audible sound source into an amplified version through a connected loudspeaker.

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Public Address Systems Features

public address Microphone

It transforms sound into an electrical signal. In most cases, two or three microphones can be attached, with one auxiliary input for tape.

public address Speakers

In PA systems, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted cone/horn speakers are commonly employed for powerful sound. These speakers are rated in watts and are rated in various frequencies. Watts refers to the level of amplification available to the speakers.

public address Driver and Power amplifier

To provide greater power, the driver amplifier drives the power amplifier. It functions as a voltage amplifier. The power amplifier amplifies the input signal to the required level of power. The push pull kind of amplifier is commonly employed because it eliminates even harmonics from the amplifier’s output and prevents the output transformer’s core saturation. The loud speakers are driven by the power amplifier. Between them, matching transformers are employed to match the low speaker impedance to the power amplifier’s output impedance.

public address Mixer

The mixing stage receives the microphone output. Before they are routed to the amplifier, the mixer stage is utilized to separate individual channels from one another. Circuits for voltage amplifiers and processing: The mixer output is amplified even further using the voltage amplifier. The “master gain control” and “tone control circuits” make up the processing circuits block. The bass and treble control circuits make up the tone control circuit. The low frequency signals will be amplified or cut by the bass control circuit, while the high frequency signals will be amplified or cut by the treble control circuit.


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