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video door phone

We understand that safety is not a luxury, but a necessity. And to keep you and your loved ones safe, we bring to you the best of technology and design, with Call Lanka Telecom Video Door Phone Sri Lankan models. With a diverse product line for you, choose the one that suits your living space and lifestyle.

What is the Video Door Phone System?

Intercom Video Door Phone Systems As a consequence of the fact that insecurity is one of the most pressing challenges in our lives today, new methods of providing security have been devised. The electronic doorman concept is not a new one on the market. Since 1950, intercoms have been used to make customers lives simpler and safer. With the advancement of digital communications technology in the 1980s, house owners were able to not only converse, but also see guests at their door and decide whether or not to allow them admission. 

People and businesses that want to protect their precious assets as well as their personal safety have turned to the video door phone intercom, due to technological breakthroughs that have allowed us to create a security system that can protect our expensive items.

The video door phone intercom is an intercom system for managing calls made at the entry to any building, whether residential or commercial, with access regulated via audiovisual communication between the inside and outside. The video door phone intercom’s most essential function is that it allows the person inside to see who is outside and wants to come in.

video door phone

features of Video door phone system

video door phone Safety & Security

Of course, the safety and security of your family, assets, and house are the primary reasons to invest in a Video Door Phone. Without being physically present at the door, a video door phone allows you to view and converse with the guest. You can opt to open or lock the door after learning the reason of the visit and, if necessary. As a result, the video door phone is an excellent method for ensuring your family’s and home’s safety and security.

video door phone Smart Monitoring

With video door phones, you don’t have to worry about who has come to see you even if you aren’t at home. These devices provide intelligent monitoring and house assessment. The video door system, when combined with motion sensors, security systems, and viewing applications, allows you to keep an eye on things 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether you’re at home or not.

video door phone Easy Access

You can answer your door phone using your smart phone whether you’re on the terrace, in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom of your house. The person at the door will be alerted to you through phone. If the visitor is bothering you, you can just ignore the bell or ask them to go.

video door phone Connected and Smart Homes

A video door phone may be simply linked with your existing home security systems, allowing for convenient home monitoring. You may arrange the framework such that images from existing CCTV cameras are shown on the system’s video monitor. You may quickly provide access to friends and family even if you are not present. Video door phone systems have this benefit as well. Because these automated devices are electronically connected, you may obtain live video and audio feeds on your PC, tablet, laptop, or even smartphone. As a result, you have complete access control.

video door phone Record Maintaining

The most recent video door phone systems can collect, store, and date-stamp images, making it easier for you to review the film at any point in order to identify guests or get proof of unwanted entry. A video door phone system is fantastic for comprehensive home safety and security. You will not only be able to detect who is at the door with this, but you will also have access to a number of additional advantages.

video door phone Easy Installation

A video door phone system does not need significant alterations to the current structure or extensive wiring. As a result, it is simple to set up. Of course, it is preferable to install in new structures, but weathered homes may still benefit from it. In fact, its exquisite design complements the look of your front door.


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