Fire Detection Systems

Fire Detection Systems


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The purpose of the fire detection system is to notify us of an emergency so that we may take appropriate action to safeguard ourselves, our employees, and the general public.
Fire alarms are present in offices, factories, and public buildings; they are an integral part of our daily lives, yet they are sometimes disregarded until an emergency arises, at which point they may save our lives.
If the alarm is activated, sounders will sound to alert individuals in the building that a fire may be present and that they should escape.
A remote signal system might be included into the fire alarm system, which would inform the fire department via a central station.

The Fire Alarm Control Panel is the “brain” of the fire detection system. It serves as a central hub for all detector signals to be linked to and gives users a status indicator.

The unit may also be configured to imitate an alert for use in routine fire and evacuation exercises, ensuring that all employees are aware of what to do in the case of a genuine fire.

Fire detection system

Types of Fire detection Systems

Fire Alarm Systems can be broken down into four main types
  • Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
  • Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
  • Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems
  • Wireless Fire Alarm Systems
fire alarm systems Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Physical cabling is utilized in a traditional fire alarm system to connect various call points and detectors, with the signals being routed back to the main control unit.To make it easier to locate the source of an alarm, call points and detectors are organized into “Zones.” This is crucial for both the fire department and general building administration.
At the Fire Alarm Control Panel, each zone is represented by an indicator bulb, a text display, or both in certain circumstances.It stands to reason that the more zones we can split a structure into, the more precise the alarm trigger location will be.

A minimum of two sounder circuits are plugged into the Control Panel, which might include bells, electronic sounders, or other audible fire alarm devices.
When these devices are triggered, they sound the alarm.

fire alarm systems Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
The detection mechanism of an Addressable System is similar to that of a Conventional System, except that each detector is assigned a unique address (typically through a dip-switch), allowing the Control Panel to pinpoint which detector or call point has triggered the alert. The sensing circuit is constructed as a loop, and each loop can have up to 99 devices linked to it.Loop Isolation Modules are commonly used to segment the loop, ensuring that a short circuit or single failure only affects a small portion of the system, leaving the remainder of the system to work correctly.
The detectors in the previous two systems, the “Conventional Fire Alarm System” and the “Addressable Fire Alarm System,” aren’t considered “intelligent” because they can only provide output signals that represent the value of detected phenomena.
The Control Unit is in charge of determining if there is a fire, malfunction, pre-alarm, or other emergency.
fire alarm systems Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems

In this fire detection system, an Intelligent Fire Alarm System, each detector essentially includes its own computer, which analyses the environment around it and transmits to the Control Panel whether there is a fire, a defect, or whether the detector head needs cleaning.Intelligent Systems, on the whole, are significantly more complicated and have far more features than Conventional or Addressable Systems.

Their main goal is to reduce the number of false alarms that arise.Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems come in 2, 4, and 8 loop configurations, allowing big buildings to be monitored from a single panel.

fire alarm systems Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

For all applications, they are a viable alternative to standard wired fire alarm systems. To connect the sensors and gadgets to the controllers, they use secure, license-free radio communications.

It’s a basic concept with a lot of benefits, and it’s a comprehensive intelligent fire detection system that doesn’t require any wiring.

We learnt that fire alarm systems are installed in many of the buildings we pass every day, and that they are meant to alert people inside the structure in the event of a fire detection sri lanka


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